Shared Owners awake from slumber

In past years this time of year has been the start of the boat AGM’s for those owners on Ownerships managed boats. With its demise earlier owners will now be facing a new future. After it came to light Allen Matthews had died and taken everyone’s money, the boats went into self-management. For some self-management lasted only until they could appoint an alternative management company, for others the liberation meant they could pursue managing their own boat free from any restrictions of management companies (Ownerships seemed different to what you expected from a management company, and the relationship was more akin to that of a brewer and tenant than a management co. and boat owner), for the rest self-management was initially current-season temporary fix. The idea of the temporary fix to enable everyone to take their booked holidays this year until the long term future can be decided upon.

The onset of boat-AGM season could well be the first time each the owners in a boat have got together face-to-face, though some had EGM after the collapse, to discuss things. For some it will be under a new management company already, but for others the decision of whether they want to be managed again has only been delayed from the spring..

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