Walking the Four Counties

I am, and have been for a while, a big chap. I’m fairly active in walking a bit and going to the gym a couple of times a week – mainly keeping ticking over, but no big effort. Once you get past 40, as I am, then its time to take things in hand deciding what you want out of life. So since the end of June, I’ve a new eating and gym routine that has meant I’ve lost a whopping 30 pounds. Super pleased with myself, however I have a hurdle now – going away on the boat for 2 weeks!

No gym to go to and usually I’m at the tiller, which isn’t really energetic. I suppose I could run/walk on a morning/evening but that wouldn’t be much fun and feel more like a chore that I’d probably end up giving it a miss. This time out we are taking my 16 year old nephew, so he can steer the boat. So I have an idea, why not walk along side the boat? We are doing the Four Counties plus some extra bits to extend it to 2 weeks, so should be plausible. So that’s what I’m doing – or planning to (keep watch of my twitter account for updates).

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