I wonder how many boaters are also campers – after all I have heard narrowboats be described as caravans on water. I used to have caravan holidays as a kid and went tent camping as a teen, but mainly been boating this last couple of decades. That said I went camping last year with some friends and enjoyed it so thought I’d like to try again.
So we’ve bought a tent! A Vango Icarus 500, which is a 5-person tent you can stand up in. So should hopefully mean we wont be cramped. We are going for a test drive in a few days and staying at a camp site near Pocklington.

One Response to “Camping!”

  1. Steve Heaven Says:

    We have a Vango Icarus 500. Though there is only two of us, we like a bit of room.
    We will be camping this weekend near Witney for our son in law’s birthday celebrations.