Time running out on the Macclesfield

We’ve been moored at Heritage Narrowboats for a few years, and so once again its time to consider where we want to have our next base. We will be moving next year so there is a bit of time to spend on the Macc, we were out on early this┬ámonth and going out again in October.

We had to shorten our trip out this time as we couldn’t both be off on the weekend. So it was going to be a Monday-Friday jaunt up the Macclesfield. We arrived early and set straight off, reversing out of the marina as the boat was at the far end of a full mooring, so no real space to turn. A compliment was paid to me by a boater refuelling, well I took “its almost as if you know what you are doing” as a compliment. It didn’t take too long to get to the locks, although we met a boat coming out of lock 2 as we were in lock 1. I assumed we were both supposed to vacate the locks simultaneously, especially as they had sent crew onwards to “help”. That they then didn’t leave the lock until I was out did mean a very wide turn and some readjusting (read that as reversing and cussing) was required to get around. After that it was plain sailing. I do the locks single handed, and it doesn’t take that long. Indeed going back to close the gates of the last lock and then ahead to set the next whilst the lock is filling, keeps the time down and my fitness up. Beau, our youngest dog, is very nervous going through locks, so Michelle stays down below with him. This does mean we get strange looks of when we meet an oncoming boat at a lock, especially if its a typical middle-class older couple with the husband steering and the wife doing the locks. Sometimes they ask, but usually just too polite, but probably don’t realise their perplexed looks give away their thoughts. It’s funny really what the perceived┬ánorms are. Don’t they realise it gives me all the pleasures and challenges of solo boating with the added bonus of doing stuff as a family when moored. Each to their own :-).

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  1. Colin thrower Says:

    I was interested to see that “Silhouette” is still sailing, although in private hands now.
    My late wife and I took a part share in Silhouette in 2002 through the now defunct “Ownerships” and my first ever experiences were backing her out of the Marina on to the Trent and Mersey in a force 7 gale , shortly followed by The hairy Harecastle Tunnel . On the return trip through the latter, my dear late wife would have cheerfully walked over the top, but fortunately stayed at her post to operate powerful torches sequentially as the boat light for the outward journey had been inadequate, leading to a few bumps. The return journey was bump free happily.
    My new partner and I are looking to take a part share again for next year, hence my renewed interest.
    Happy boating for 2016
    Best regards
    Colin Thrower