No Skeg – No Trip.

We were due out on Silhouette this week, but the Skeg has fallen off. Well another owner was out and the tiller went “all floppy”, when calling out Canal River Rescue they went under the boat and came back with Skeg in hand – it had rusted off! We had been given the option of having a hire boat for our week, but its not the same and we felt we’d rather go without and forgo the expense for our syndicate.

2 Responses to “No Skeg – No Trip.”

  1. Roger Davison Says:

    Hi Nick,

    There is probably a better way to ask you a question so apologies for resorting to the Reply feature on your narrowboat.org.uk blog.

    On one of the photos that you posted for Marsworth Lock No 39 on the CanalPlanAC site you said that the photo was “Taken automatically by my camera set up to take photos for use in creating a time-lapse cruise video for http://www.narrowboat.org.uk

    In your experience, what time interval do you find works best for filming time lapse on the canals?

    Kind regards
    Roger (Australia)
    Planning a 3 week Round Birmingham Ring adventure in September, 2016.

  2. Nic Chilton Says:

    It all depends on your set-up. I tended to use an interval of 2.5 seconds as usually converts to 1 hour cruise = 1 minute time lapse. It was a compromise on my set-up, longer intervals produced a jerky video (my early videos used 5 second intervals which s the fasted my Ricoh), shorter intervals requires more storage. If storage isn’t an issue, a shorter interval is better. After all you can lose some when making the video, its harder to add whats missing if the interval is too long.